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70g(10g each)

Uplifting Citrus Shower Steamer - Blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Lime and Sweet Marjoram essential oils

Enjoy Natural Aromatherapy 

  • Gorgeous Essential oil Blend will Uplift your mind and spirits.
  • Made with Lavender, mandarin, distilled lime, myrrh, palmarosa, sweet marjoram essential Oils.
  • Bi Carb Soda and Sweet Almond oil will add moisture on your skin and improve skin health.
  • You can use as many as you want or save some for your next aromatic shower. Our recommendation is 3-4 pieces per shower.


*What are Shower Steamers?

Shower Steamers are used for Aromatherapy purpose when you are having a shower. They quickly make your bath like steam room or sauna with aromatherapy effects. 

Simply, they are bath bombs for shower! But Do Not Use as bath bombs! 


*How to use Shower Steamers?

Place shower steamers at the far end of the bath/shower stall, and as water hits them, they fizzles and release amazing scents in the air.

Our recommendation is 3-4 pieces(30-40g) per shower.


INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cornflour, Cream of Tartar, Lavender essential oil, Mandarin essential oil, Lime Essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, Sweet marjoram essential oil, Witch Hazel, CI 19140




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